LEARN – The basics of aircraft deicing/anti-icing

Under winter conditions deicing/anti-icing will ensure that an aircraft can safely takeoff by removing any icy contamination. This is done with officially approved fluids and, in some cases, even with hot air.

LTP requires that you have been chosen to carry out the duties of deicing. Now you need to obtain a theoretical basis on the subject of aircraft deicing/anti-icing:

Why are airplanes deiced/anti-iced on ground?

How are they deiced/anti-iced?

What is used to deice/anti-ice?

This is where LTP can help you. Take a look at the subject overview below. There will be more details added from time to time. So check back to see, it will be worth it.

LTP_MikeLEARN – The basics of aircraft deicing/anti-icing